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Whether your dog needs obedience training or specialized behavior modification, our custom-designed smART training plans are the answer. Tailored to meet your dog's unique needs, these plans ensure effective, long-lasting solutions so you can enjoy life with a well-behaved dog.

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Teresa Loya, founder Clever Canine Academy

loose leash walking with her Alaskan Malamute Nikita.

Master Manners

Dealing with an untrained dog can be trying.

This is why we offer the Master Manners training program.

Quickly and effectively replace challenging behaviors with positive, calm manners, improving your daily life with your

canine companion.

Balance Behaviors

If your stressed and frustrated with a dog who struggles with fear, anxiety, or reactivity we offer; Our Balance Behaviors training program. We focus on helping you identify your dogs triggers that causes the reactions, desensitize your dog to the triggers, teach your dog how to be calm, and help you dog learn the skills so that they can be adaptive to the environment and responsive to you.

Does your dog need obedience or behavior modification?

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Master Manners


Master Manners delivers a powerful solution for developing essential obedience skills and eliminating unwanted behaviors. Lay the groundwork for a well-behaved dog and enjoy a peaceful and happy life together.

  • Sit, Down, Stay, and Come Commands: Teaching your dog essential commands for everyday situations.

  • Leash Training: Ensuring your walks are enjoyable and controlled.

  • Jumping Up: Addressing and correcting this common enthusiastic greeting behavior.

  • Barking Control: Learning when and how to bark appropriately.

  • Puppy Training: Teaching basic manners and solving biting, chewing, crate and potty training.

  • Socialization: Helping your dog interact positively with other dogs and people.

polite, happy trained dog

Balance Behaviors

Behavior Modification

Balance Behaviors provides personalized solutions for complex behaviors, resulting in a calm and manageable companion. Enjoy stress-free outings and a worry-free life with your well-behaved dog.

  • Fear and Anxiety: Building confidence in dogs who are nervous or fearful.

  • Reactivity: Addressing aggression or overexcitement towards other dogs, people, or specific situations.

  • Separation Anxiety: Helping your dog feel secure and calm when left alone.

  • Resource Guarding: Correcting possessive behaviors over food, toys, or spaces.

  • Excessive Chewing or Destructive Behavior: Redirecting these behaviors into more positive outlets.

  • Adjustment to New Environments or Family Members: Easing transitions for rescue or adopted dogs.

What people say

from stress to success

Finley is now relaxed and happy

Thanks to Teresa, our border collie Finley is now a relaxed & happy member of our household. We had our doubts during the first few months together - it is hard to explain how hyper, demanding & out of control Finn was. Covid isolation exacerbated his wildness when we met strangers or had visitors come to the door. Teresa taught us how to understand Finley's energy & stress levels and - thank god! - how to help calm & look to us for instruction before bolting off after every distraction. Especially helpful were the mental stimulation that tire him out, so we don't have to run him 20 miles every day!

Grogu can now go out with us

We hired Teresa to help us with our fearfully reactive Pittie that we had recently rescued. We realized it would be a continuous, ongoing process, but we are so happy Teresa gave us the tools for success to help Grogu manage his emotions. We are able to do things with him now we never thought we'd be able to, even taking him to a busy park. Teresa has given us so much support and also given us many options for Grogu while not making us feel judged in any way. Even after training was finished, she continued to check on Grogu! Couldn't be more thankful for Teresa, she has been such a blessing in our lives.

My dognow loves people

I started working with Teresa when my Papillon had fear issues when I first got her. Teresa has an incredible knowledge of dog behavior, and the techniques she taught me quickly dissipated my dog’s fear. She uses an entirely positive training method that focuses on the dog’s well-being. Thanks to Teresa’s guidance, within a year, my dog loves people, and we are getting ready for the Canine Good Citizenship test and are going on to compete in obedience trials.

Our training approach

smART™ training for any dog

Our smART™ approach not only addresses the key aspects of dog training but also emphasizes the benefits to you as an owner, enhancing your experience and relationship with your dog. It's designed to make training a rewarding journey for both you and your canine companion.

Discover our smART™ training approach, tailored for well-mannered, emotionally balanced dogs.

  • Simple: provides a clear, structured training plan for you and your dog.

  • Motivational and measurable: allows you to track your dog's progress with clear milestones. See the improvement using reward-based training.

  • Adaptive: customized training to fit your dog's unique personality and needs. Help your dog build coping and tolerance skills to adapt to various situations and environments

  • Responsive: aims to understanding and shaping how your dog responds to different scenarios. Train your dog to be more attentive and responsive to your instructions, enhancing communication and making walks and outings more harmonious.

  • Trust-based: builds a strong foundation of trust between you and your dog, crucial for those with fear and anxiety issues.

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