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On the "K9 Insights" page, dog owners will discover a collection of expert knowledge and wisdom. This collection features articles, research studies, and blogs from top veterinarians, animal behaviorists, and is your go-to source for reliable, up-to-date information that helps you and your dog live a happier, healthier life together.

Article- Psychology Today

Aggression between dogs in the same household

What causes conflict between dogs living in the same home? Click Here.

Article - VCA Animal Hospitals

Introduction to desensitization and counterconditioning

What are counter-conditioning, response substitution, and desensitization? Click Here.

Article - JAVMA News

Veterinary behaviorists: No role for aversive dog training practices

Reward-based dog training offers the most advantages and least harm to the learner’s welfare, according to the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, ... Click Here.

Article - Companion Animal Psychology

What is positive reinforcement in dog training?

This article on positive reinforcement covers technical definitions, the practicalities, reasons to use positive reinforcement and some common mistakes that people make....

Click Here.

Article - Pet MD

How to train a dog with positive reinforcement

You may have heard the term “positive reinforcement” and possibly some descriptions of what it means, ... Click Here.

Article - Behavior Vets

Shaping Clay

Musings on dogs, behavior, people, and the world around us

About 7 years ago, I moved from a suburban-rural area into New York City with my dogs. My pup Charlotte was generally a little anxious...Click Here.

Article - Axios

Your relationship with your dog is vital-science shows

Why it matters: At a time when
loneliness has become a
serious health concern, recent research suggests there's something special about the way canine buddies boost our mood and longevity... Click Here.

Article - Companion Animal Psychology

One third of dogs have a behaviour issue, study shows

The most common problems are fear, especially fear of loud noises, and not doing what the guardian wants, such as not coming when called....Click Here.

Article - Medium

Our Story of Dealing with a BAD Dog Trainer

At the start of the 3rd session, he had me put that collar very tightly around our dog’s neck (A My neighbors also told me how horrible they felt just by looking at how he was handling my dog.( a good trainer NEVER does this). From hiding behind the pillars, I could see he was yanking hard on the leash and our dog whining, barking and whimpering to resist the force. He was FORCING her to walk while OUR DOG WANTED TO RUN AWAY. Click Here to learn more.

Article - The Wildest

How to Find a Qualified Dog Trainer

For all of us, it takes research to find a good trainer and the right trainer for our dogs. Get references, ask all the questions, and find someone you and your dog can trust. The training process should
always be fun, educational, safe, and positive...Click Here.

Article - Dog Gear Review

How to Choose a Well-Fitting Y Harness for Your Dog

There is such a strong pushback about using collars or harnesses going across the shoulders, while no one seems to talk about the risks of using a poorly fitted/sized Y-harness. Many seem to think that any Y-harness is safe for their dog, which is not true. The unpopular truth is that a poorly fitting Y (or H) harness can cause the same health problems or injuries as a dog pulling in a collar or while wearing a cross-shoulder harness.

Click Here to learn more.

Article- Psychology Today

Train Too Much and a Dog Won't Remember

"In comparison the dogs that had gotten a break of some sort, either to nap, exercise, or play, actually had better memory and performance a week later. The best guess is that the additional training after the first session had actually interfered with the consolidation process for the earlier learned exercises." .Click Here.

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