In-home coaching: professional training where it matters most

achieve real-life behavioral success with hands-on guidance

In-home coaching

personal attention. quicker results

In-home coaching, provides a premier, personalized, hands-on experience that offers tailored lessons at your home, neighborhood or local park. It provides focused, one-on-one sessions that address your dog's specific behaviors and needs, leading to faster, more effective learning. Our expert provides training in the real settings your dog struggles with, gives immediate feedback, and adapting to situations as they occur. You and your dog will learn strategies that lead to lasting behavioral improvements and a more enjoyable relationship.

How it works

In-home coaching: Your path to success

What you get;

  • Private, one-to-one sessions with your trainer at your home or public location.

  • Customized training plan

  • 60 minute lessons are scheduled every 2 weeks.

  • Between sessions, receive practice guides and videos and chat with your trainer whenever you have questions.

  • Lesson Packages:

    Choose from 1, 3, 6, or 10 lesson packages, starting from $160

Two great ways we help you

does your dog need obedience or behavior modification?

Master Manners


Master Manners delivers a powerful solution for developing essential obedience skills and eliminating unwanted behaviors. Lay the groundwork for a well-behaved dog and enjoy a peaceful and happy life together.

polite, happy trained dog

Balance Behaviors

Behavior Modification

Balance Behaviors provides personalized solutions for unwanted dog behaviors, resulting in a calm and manageable companion. Enjoy stress-free outings and a worry-free life with your well-behaved dog.

Happy dogs, happy owners

join 1000's of satisfied dog owners who enjoy a well-behaved dog

My dognowlovespeople

I started working with Teresa when my Papillon had fear issues when I first got her. Teresa has an incredible knowledge of dog behavior, and the techniques she taught me quickly dissipated my dog’s fear. She uses an entirely positive training method that focuses on the dog’s well-being. Thanks to Teresa’s guidance, within a year, my dog loves people, and we are getting ready for the Canine Good Citizenship test and are going on to compete in obedience trials.

Teresahas been spot on with her teaching

Teresa is AMAZING. We've tried multiple group classes as well as private trainers, and finally after a few sessions with Teresa we are really seeing significant improvements in behavior. She has been spot on with all of her info/recommendations for us. Not only are the private sessions productive, but Teresa is great about checking in between sessions and sending follow-up materials. I can't recommend her enough!!

Teresafigured outour dog'strigger

We hired Teresa to help us with some aggression issues with our pup and to prepare for the birth of our first baby.

Teresa was amazing at diagnosing our dog’s behavioral issues, helping us understand what was triggering her, and coming up with creative solutions to address it. She also gave us great ideas for how to introduce the pup to the baby.

When our baby was born Teresa was available via text and phone for advice. This was hugely helpful to provide live help and ease our concerns.

On top of being a great trainer Teresa is a lovely person and fun to be around. I can’t recommend her enough!

Meet Teresa Loya, your personal canine coach

Certified. Experienced. Trusted.

With over 30 years of seasoned expertise in dog behavior consulting, Teresa isn't just a trainer—she's your go-to specialist for solving challenging canine behaviors.

Backed by a master's degree in animal behavior & studying human-animal relationships and years of experience with both domestic and wild animals. Teresa's coaching is rooted in best practices based on sound evidence, ensuring that you get tried-and-true methods that consistently deliver results.

Teresa's unique expertise lies in her specialized training for challenging behaviors, but her skills don't stop there. Whether you're raising a curious puppy, managing an adult dog, or looking to improve the golden years of a senior pet, Teresa offers tailored solutions for all life stages.

When you choose Teresa for your online coaching, you're not just getting a trainer—you're partnering with someone who will support and guide you every step of the way for a happier, more enjoyable life with your dog.

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